Established as an extension of a mother unit, its first structure stood on a donated lot in a far-flung area of the province to serve the Ubay populace. Grounded on dedication for work, it has surpassed noteworthy milestones in health service. In its years of operation it has evolved and/or become a catalyst of positive transformation. The hospital continues to faithfully and effectively execute its policies amidst overwhelming increase of admissions where displacement of patients may occur.

The hospital’s daily operation is always an opportunity and/or avenue for continuing development in its internal and external system. The establishment of Don Emilio Del Valle Memorial Hospital has brought more than what health institutions can provide. Integrated in its operations are treatments and/or procedures coupled with compassion and care. It has re-introduced selfless dedication to work regardless of patients’ social strata. As a vital component to the government, its role has contributed much to the municipality therefore raising its bar in terms of health service. Medical and Hospital Management Operations has been brought nearer to the public resulting to an immediate and attainable, hence, more accessible to medical care.

Having now achieved her ISO Quality Policy of committing into becoming a trusted destination hospital, she is enjoying an average daily census at 180. This can reach as high as 200 patients or 200% occupancy rate which is way above the DOH standard of 85% bed occupancy rate.


Provide highly specialized quality healthcare services to all where human dignity is valued and respected by competent and committed personnel.


A leading Medical Center in the Northeastern part of Bohol, providing holistic, quality, comprehensive and specialized services.


We, at Don Emilio Del Valle Memorial Hospital commit to deliver effective and total quality health care services to all, satisfying applicable requirements and shall continually improve our quality management system to the satisfaction of our stakeholders.


C – Compassion

A – Accountability

R – Respect

E – Empathy